white colored ball items to wear of the wedding

My daughter just turned 7 .. for 3 days she has been coming and telling me her "bad thoughts" some of them are disturbing . But it brings back memories of my child hood , later on realizing i had ocd and for a year and half have been on medication that has changed my life for the good .. It started off with the bad thoughts and not knowing how to process them correctly . Even though I struggled with this myself im still having a hard time helping her .. for her it started wit ... h washing her hands way too often to "my mind is telling me I hate you " or since we are christians sometimes she refers it to satin doing this . Or satin telling her these things. Today I started writing it down , I told her our brain is a memory box and we remember good things and bad things , sometimes we cant controle what our brains think like, when we dream, but we can choose to not say or do those things and throw them away. So I would write down her "bad thoughts" and ask her what was the opposite of her bad thought , then write that down . And then proceed to ask her which one does she really feel and so then I would have her cut and throw the bad thought away . She has started crying and asking me when will it stop .. please I need help . Im emotional mess right now , I just want to help her . Please be gentle with your words and advise . And please only comment if you have dealt with this . Thank you white colored ball items to wear of the wedding

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