white colored and high low styled items to wear


I rode my Harley to 8:30 am Mass today and then went for coffee with Joey. I needed some gas, so I gassed up. As I rode home I thought - Mary won't be home, I am retired, and it is a beautiful day. So...I went for an unplanned ride. In direct opposition to my OCD personality, I just rode and decided where to go as I approached the turns and intersections. The first part of the ride was on familiar roads. But then I came to the part that I had never r ... idden before - and just followed my nose. I had a suspicion of where the road was going and where I would end up, but I was not certain (gasp!!). At one point I contemplated stopping and checking Google Maps to see where I was, but I fought off the temptation. I finally came to an intersection with a familiar highway and headed back home. This was a really freeing ride, and I was able to focus on the beauty of God's creation and thank him for my ability to enjoy it in such a wonderful manner. 84 miles later I was home - refreshed and at peace. What a gift!!! white colored and high low styled items to wear

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