what to wear if women already ove 40

So now that most of the closest one know by now....

When two people love each other very much....

Lol but frt. Congrats Timothy Dixe and Brandi Dixe one this sweet news tonight.


Tonight I dropped by the bests house (like the uusj) and had a few feelings going on and was not sure why i just needed some time at the dixe home... Anyway we ended up at walmart and brandi keeps telling me how pukey she has been then says "so i might be pregnant..." Without missing a beat we go to the pharmacy and get *TWO* tests... Being the seasoned moms we are(; and head home...after taco bell XD

So we arrive at Casa De LA Dixe and I feed the herd and Brandi goes into the warshroom to work her magic in the little cup and about 17.4 seconds later I hear something like a cat fight and a bunch of omg's behind a closed door so I come bursting in (lol jk let's be real)... I daintily knocked on the door asking if she was ok, knowing perfectly well what's going on, and I hear her yelp out "Come in here!" When I came in I see these two exciting lines. And that should bring everyone up to speed. I know it may seem a little odd me posting but as you may or may not know Timmy and Brandi got a big new house and they are (in)patiently waiting for their WiFi install date which I *think* is tomorrow... what to wear if women already ove 40
So Brandi asked me to post because they're bursting to share their bursting excitement. .

So with all that said ... When congratulating or well wishing... Please comment on their timelines or pm them let them be flooded by love when they get back online.

My whole hearted prayers, thoughts, love, hopes, and support to you and yours at this time. # SoExciting

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