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I dont really watch the hunting TV shows. We watch them sometimes at the hunting camp so we can laugh at the guys saying "he has so much potential, I am letting him walk."

Anyways the point to my post.

Do they not use grunts or rattles on these hunting shows? I see you young boys all asking about how to get deer to your corn pile, how to keep your scent down, how to properly piss in a Gatorade bottle (the deer can smell it in the bottle by the way) ... I see ya'll talkin ... g about all these things that involve SITTING ON YOUR ASS.

Bucks love to fight. A rattle will attract them. If you dont know what a rattle is, we can discuss that in the comments.

A deer call will also draw in a buck. What about a touch of doe in estrus pee? Did any of you kill a doe last year and SAVE THE pee? I got some that looks like motor oil. Dip a cotton ball or tampon in that stuff and you got all kinds of critters coming to check out that smell. Guess what, it is 100% natural and unprocessed.

I can see the look on some of your faces now. You are thinking "this guy hunts with dogs, what could he possibly know about HUNTING". The answer is A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN MOST OF YOU ASKING THESE STUPID QUESTIONS.

You see HOUNDSMEN do everything that still hunters do. We scout, we plant food plots, we stock feeders, we work on the land to make it good habitat for our game animals PLUS the raise, train, contain and maintain a pack or multiple packs of hounds. I like to deer hunt, rabbit hunt, coon/bear hunt. I can do any of these hunts right by myself (well me and a couple of my canine hunting partners).

What I have found about being out in the public and on Internet forums is that MOST HUNTERS support each other. Most hunters support all forms of legal hunting. And most hunters do it the LEGAL way. There are a few fringe elements on all sides that look for opportunities to cause conflict among other hunters. They also have no problem breaking rules/laws and encouraging others to do so. If we IGNORE the troublemakers, the other 98% of hunters ALL GET ALONG.

But then we have the younger crowd. Many have had good leadership growing up, however there are many of them that did not get to go hunting as a child. They are only what I call TV educated hunters. Combine this with the "me-linnial" (I spelled it like that on purpose) generation's desire to have it RIGHT NOW. They put out 10 pounds of corn (piled up so it will mold and mildew) then ask why they are not seeing any 200+ deer like "Hero the Deerhunter" had on his show while he was "hunting" in the deer pen in Missouri. wedding wears with affordable price

Some of you are more suited to "hog hunting" on a hog farm. You can walk right up to them and shoot them anytime.

Just my $0.02

Todd Edwards, TicBite NC

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