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Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal disorder of women in their menstrual period and or women who are having a hardtime getting pregnant.

The following are some symptoms of PCOS.. ...
# not having the regular or sudden stopping of menstrual period.
# not getting pregnant or may dont have a child.
# gaining weight
# acne
# too much hair growing in the face or body.
# may suffer hair loss.

This is called polycystic because of having a cyst in the ovary of a woman.
But this cyst is not a cancer .

Many women who are suffering PCOS is refered to an indocrinologist because of some health problem that it may cause and may get worst too. Like the following.

1# insulin resistance -- this is when sugar is not dissolve in the blood that may go to type 2 diabetes.

2# low level DHA or the good cholesterol and having a high LDL or the bad cholesterol. Triglycerides may increase and the womem with pcos may suffered heart stoke.

3# Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) -- this is when having hard time breathing from sleeping and when awaken from sleep feels tiredness.

4# becouse of the none regular cycle of menstruation their is the possibility of thickening of the lining of mattress.
Dont just ignore this becouse this situations may lead to indometrial cancer or cancer of the lining of the mattress.

Like diabetes their is not yet a medicine to completely cure this diseases. But by having a daily healthy diet may help for your health.
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