wedding items to wear that similar to blake lively style

Wed am. Pressure worse in high diaphragm area and so so swollen (worse than 9 mos pregnant now) pain is worse than Monday at ER. Woke up laying in poop and vomit and very embarrassed. Nurse cleaned all up. Very nauseated. Got shot for it. Up still at 4 last night with high discomfort in upper chest. ER doc on Monday said my vomit looks like my STOMACH LINING. Hospital dr this am said that the throat scope and Ct scan of entire body between neck and butt showed hiatal h ... ernia. Hospital dr said I will give my input as to what I believe is your issue and surgery needs to be done, but gastrointestinal dr (one that did scope) makes the call. Hospital dr said hiatal hernia is when your STOMACH LINING protrudes up into the hole in diaphragm for esophagus to go through. Yours is in there good and no room for esophagus. Symptoms are: severe heartburn (got it) severe vomiting (got it) diahrea continuously (got it) pain that feels like heart attack (got it) severe swelling in area between boobs and down a little (I look 10 months pregnant) extreme discomfort and heavy feeling at diaphragm ( got it) burping(got it) I told him sounds nailed to me. Gastro girl , in meeting this am with me and hospital dr, will forward all info to gastro dr that did endoscopy-throat scope . Told her I was tired of discomfort...vomiting...diahrea...not able to eat...hard to sleep with this huge belly and pain...heartburn so bad that 60 tums a day is diet. She will advise if this is case that I want it out now. Also said three plus stones in EACH kidney and one is obstructing pretty bad. Immediately need to have urologist investigate. I posted this earlier and it is dropped for some reason. wedding items to wear that similar to blake lively style

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