vintage style items with lace decorated for a formal party

AGGHH, :-( ok as there are so many people on this site, looking for recommendations of fastest way to heal skin - in a poorly thought out plan, I had fun with my horses and did the " raindrop" essential oil therapy a week ago.... they loved it, I loved it, I loved the way the whole barn smelled...... sadly my competitive horse ( of course!!!!) reacted badly, so he ended up with a whole bunch of scabs that are coming off today..... with pink skin which is kind of sore which ... is UNDER THE SADDLE AREA :-( :-( :-( agh...... here so far is my plan. They have all been washed and all scabs are gone I am now dealing with pink, sensitive skin.. I am lasering them tonight to aid in healing.. then putting an ointment that works well for healing I have from my vet that will go on tonight... I also have that beeswax wound stuff from ABC so thought in morning I will put that on..... I will do these things every day.. I have 5 days before our 50.. any other great healing ointments I can try??? My other plan is to go buy a cheap saddle pad and cut out the area's the pink skin is on ,., put this under my skito pad to help keep pad off of skin...... Anyway I figured someone may have done the same thing - or have good insight in the best way to heal.... if it is sensitive at all on Friday we will not go but will give it my best shot in fixing it before them! vintage style items with lace decorated for a formal party :-) I am also doubling his Vitamin E and vitamins in his food because....why not? Mb it will help heal from inside out. :-) P.S really do not need 1 gazillion posts on " how to use essential oils" of course I used a carrier oil and not even very much of essential oil. This horse just reacted to it.. and of course it is my riding horse! Not the old ones or young ones that I do not ride!!!! blah!

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