vintage lace trumpet wedding dress

Dancers , Item Girls , Performers , choreographers , Dance companies - you guys do amazing job , its beyond dance, you take care of Makeup , Dresses , Hair dos , heavy props , travel king , Rehearsals in hot sun without getting tanned , green room hussle , coordinating with Singers , Celebrities and Clients . You guys do so much of hard work and then perform . You are not passionate and creative but are shining armour of our industry and Glam quotient of our stages . You do Year round practices and keep yourself fit to make our events look great . Hats off to each one of you and Thank you . May you all rise and shine vintage lace trumpet wedding dress Ronica Jacob c Suraj Katoch o Zenith Dance Troup o Sujit Kayal y Poppy Barman m Sheena Rana a Mona Morya rya and all of those who worked with me and for industry .
You guys deserve respect from audience and Every Event Manager.

I realised with so much of makeup and dresses most ladies cant even walk and you dance .
@Every dancer and Dance company .
Love you guys