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The reason why I had to drop my GSLIS studies in 2012 at the University of Illinois...and I did 3 to 4 years of internet research...may be blamed on my frequent use of Benadryl. I used Benadryl to fight off upper respiratory allergies for years but during my studies, I had ADHD-like symptoms after taking a lot of Benadryl even though I did not overdose on it. Generally you take a Benadryl tablet every 4 hours...not to exceed 6 tablets in one day and I followed the dosage labe ... l to the letter. But I was taking the maximum allowable dose to fight my symptoms but still I got a major strike on my brain health during my new graduate college studies.

I learned through the latest WWW research that the active ingredient in Benadryl...diphenhydramine....falls into a class of drugs called antichlorigenic drugs. Even at max doses and not overdoses, still I got hit with this "d" drug with moments of severe brain fog, acute inatttentiveness and spikes of me being unable to concentrate on long term or short term information recall, which derailed my GSLIS academic studies with time.

This is not a good thing for me to have when I need to fight allergies with Benadryl..
but now, I could be much more worse off if I keep on taking Benadryl for life. Why? Found out that the latest research medically now correlates diphenhydramine abuse in drugs like Benadryl to a death sentence on your brain...ranging from Parkinson' the 2nd worse brain disease since ALS...Alzheimer's. I never want to have my brain permanently degenerated to the point of losing my life just because of an easy-to-get OTC like Benadryl. So if I still need to take Benadryl, what is one allergy sufferer like me to do? Any good advice is helpful. Thanks. vintage inspired wedding items in short length

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