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I usually choose to be the nameless voice behind many of Born Ready's posts, but when this article was shared with me, I was moved.

I played college volleyball, and I struggled with my athletic figure for many years. I fought my legs and butt getting bigger, my abs looking more solid than cut, and just wanted to be thin and lean. You have to understand, I come from athletic women, but I'm built more solid and curvier than my mom and sister. My sister, Aubree Arielle Munro tr ... ained harder and lifted more than me and maintained this effortless thin and cut frame that honestly just comes down to genetics.

I fought my body growing stronger, complaining often about clothes not fitting me anymore, all the while my mom and sister were encouraging me that my body was beautiful and strong and that it's allowing me to play the sport I love at the college level.

What I learned then, but especially now, is that it's about learning to love your body and what it's capable of. It's about celebrating your body and all that it has accomplished, pushed through, and provided for you. Your body is beautiful because the love you're giving it through food and exercise. So if you start to fight the gains in the gym, girl, remember you're not just gaining muscle. You're gaining mental strength, confidence to achieve more than you believed possible, and the ability push through life's ups and downs on and off the court, field, etc. silver color wears for bridesmaid With Sequins # BornReady

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