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Amen. It was over 100 years ago. You are free to succeed like every one of us. I saw a pic of a guy holding a cardboard sign that he made. It read: No mother should fear for her sons life when he robs a store. You ask me he don't be needing to worry about being shot if he don't rob the store like a criminal idiot in the first place. BLM wants reparations from white folks over something that happened generations ago. It is over and done with and the only reminder is in the his ... tory books and every time you get offended by something. You don't like a statue of something or someone. Don't look at it. Don't go anywhere that allows it to be in your sight. Move to another town if you can't stand to live in a town that the statue sits. You are free to do so. I don't like Chicago. Been there once on stopover to Michigan for 2 hours in O'Hare. Got lost. Won't ever return. Maybe once for St. Patrick's Day. The point is you are free. Just stop the destruction and violence. We as Americans are supposed to be better than that. red color wears for a prom look sexy

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