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If you want a type of flooring that can last a decade without peeling or cracking, you gotta switch to Epoxy and Metallic Flooring!

And If you're like most of our clients who are sick and tired of the same old boring tile or carpets, it's about time to give your floor a make-over! prom party garments for full-figured ladies cost below 200


Plus, these type of flooring, most especially "carpets" are home of mites, allergens and bacteria. Get rid of them!

It's the greatest INVESTMENT you'll make for your home, garage or business space/building.

One thing's for sure - it's not gonna hurt your pocket and you'll end up SAVING more than your usual cleaning/maintenance costs.

We commonly do, inside home, garages, out door patios, sidewalks, walkways, bathrooms, warehouses, counter tops!

We also specialize in forming, pouring and finishing concrete.

We also do full chip broadcasts and full sand broadcast!

The benefits of epoxy flooring

* vibrant metallic pigments in variety of colors
* complete system and sizes for all project needs
* Durable high-gloss finish for show room results
* Chemical and impacted resistant for maximum protection
* Self leveling properties to achieve an even finish

No job is too big and too small

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