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Male is positive charge and women are negatively charged

Two types of electrical charge Such as: 1. Positive Charge. 2.Negative Charge. The opposite charges attract each other.

An electric lamp is attached to the switch through two wires and the two wire colors are different. A string is called a positive person and the other is called a debtor. The two lie alongside them, but both are separated by lining so that they can not touch each other or get involved. Because if there is a connection between them in the middle then an accident will occur. Once again they are together, and they meet together through the filament of the bulb and produce beautiful light. That is, since the switch, a certain path stays along two of them, but they never touch each other and meet the bales after passing certain paths or time. mermaid trumpet wedding wears sexy styles

With this example, I mean, that men and women will certainly be attracted to two opposite sex and they want to meet each other. But if they meet unequivocally, the accident will occur. But what will they do as well as the position? Yes, the woman and the woman will be separated from each other by the screen, as well as the two of them are separated from the cover by the cover, and together with the wedding, in the right or the right time, will form a nice family.

Every woman has some characteristics that are itself and some of the features of every individual, which are unique to men. These characteristics give the presence of a woman's own self by separating a woman from male, as is the case with men. These characteristics of men and women are exposed by their speech, behavior, movements, dresses etc. When women and men interact with each other, then men and women lose their own identity. Taking the necessary measures to release women and children so that they do not lose their respective personalities in one another is also expressed by the word "curtain".