evening party gowns look elegant

episode 35
"Kanayo, why? When are you going
to finally understand the kind of
person Osonye is. I'm sure she had
you played again. I am sorry to say
this, you have lost, Kanayo, you
have lost" Austin said feeling so
"Austin, I don't understand you. I
saw your message and did exactly
what you asked me to do, or was
the message wrong?" Kanayo
asked wondering why Austin was
feeling sad.
"Wait a minute! You saw the
message?" Austin asked
"Yes, I got the message" Kanayo
"And you did exactly how you were
instructed?" Austin asked
"Yes, I did. The Reason I didn't
answer your call was that, I thought
you were trying to stop me from
saving my son but when the
message came in, it got to me that
maybe something had happened to
Ekene and you have been trying to
inform me about it. So that was
why I read it and saw the awesome
idea you suggested. It was so
perfect, man."
"Oh thank God! Kanayo, you don't
know how relieved I am right now.
This is good to hear"
"Yes oo, thank you so much Austin,
you have once again, save from the
shackles of Osonye, I wasn't
thinking straight when I left the
hospital, I was ready to sacrifice
everything for Ekene's sake,
because I am the reason he is
facing this challenges now, but
forgetting how cunning Osonye is."
Kanayo appreciated
"No, Kanayo, that idea was from
your son" Austin replied
"You mean Ekene? Is he OK now?..
I mean when did he wake up?"
"No, he is still sleeping, Nneoma
said he spoke to her through
dream. Kanayo, I don't know how to
put this, but I think that child has a evening party gowns look elegant
great destiny. He is going to be a
priest or something. All I know is
that Mankind needs his gift for
"Austin, I am not surprised.....I will
soon reach the hospital. I hope this
antidote she gave me will work"
Kanayo wished
"Let's pray but I doubt, because I
have never trusted that woman.
Ekene will be alright, I have the
strong conviction, he will. He
doesn't need the help of Osonye to
get healed"
"Amen" Kanayo acknowledged.
Nneoma was sitting on the chair,
sleeping waiting for Ekene to wake
up. But it did not occurred to her
that Ekene was very sick, she
expected him to wake her up the
moment he wakes.
When Ekene woke up, he started
laughing again, exhibiting immense
energy. He lifted the hospital bed
so high and allowed it to fall hard on
the floor, and thereby creating a
vey disturbing sound which
attracted the attention of the
The sound also woke Nneoma who
was very deep in sleep.
"Ekene, you are awake? How are
you now?" Nneoma asked hoping
to receive a positive answer from
But he looked at her and burst into
a high annoying laugh again.
Nneoma then started crying again
because she thought Ekene would
be alright after having a long sleep
like Austin promised her.
"Ekene, Ekene.. Stop what you are
doing. You are getting me
scared..." Nneoma cried
The sound of the things Ekene was
hitting in the room made the
nurses and some other people who
were in the hospital to approached
his ward, but before they could
reach there, Ekene had already ran
out of the room and jumped off
the building.
And people who saw him fell,
shouted. They thought he would
suffer a dislocation and a brain
damage because of the way he fell,
but none of that happened. Just
that, he was left unconscious.
Nneoma broke out in tears and
rushed down, before she could
reach him, he had already been
lifted and rushed to the emergency
"Where is your father?" The doctor
angrily asked Nneoma because he
had already warned Kanayo to
transfer Ekene to a Psychiatric
hospital, but Nneoma did not say
anything, she continued crying.
When Austin returned to the
hospital and was informed on what
happened, he was left devastated.
"Why did I allowed myself to make
this kind of mistake? I just stepped
out to save Kanayo from Osonye
and forgot the primary
responsibility I should take care off.
Oh no! How do I explain this to
Kanayo now? It's better I allow him
to reach the hospital first, because
he might loose control of his
steering if I should tell him now"
About 17 minutes later, Kanayo
reached the hospital. On stepping
inside, the doctor who was about
going out saw him and said "I
warned you earlier to allow your son
to be transferred to the Psychiatric
hospital, but you wouldn't listen."
"Doctor, this one you are sounding
like this, did anything happen?"
Kanayo asked
"Your son attempted suicide by
jumping off the building. But you
are lucky he jumped from the first
floor. He is still unconscious, but
please as soon as he recovers from
the shock, we are transferring him
to a psychiatric hospital.
Immediately" The Doctor said,
entered his car and then drove off.
The moment Kanayo was about to
climb the stairs, Osonye's call came
"What do you want from me
again?" Kanayo asked in anger
"Tutututu! Have you tried the
antidote, yet? I can imagine the
shock on your face right now....
Kanayo, you will continue being a
fool. A fool at 40 will remain a fool
forever, guess you love being
played, right? OK, let me cut the
story short. Kanayo, you have lost
again. As for the marriage, I am no
longer interested. I am in love with
a more Younger and handsome
man. You can bring the divorce
papers now, I am ready to sign
them...in fact, whether you bring it
or not, I am getting married again
to my new Boo"..... Osonye laughed
"Osonye, are you through?" Kanayo
"Yes off course, I am through or do
I speak more? Seems you are
finally enjoying the sound of my
voice again.." Osonye teased
"Osonye, though I am disappointed
right now, because for a moment,
you lifted my hope that my son will
be alright in the next few hours, but
never knew you still clinched to
your normal games. But I am at
same time happy to tell you that
you have been played as well. Hope
you know my signature well, right?"
"Off course, I know your signature"
"OK then, take a look at the
documents that I signed and tell
me if they in anyway resemble my
real signature. You see your
arrogance has played you again.
You took me to be the most foolish
man on earth and that was why you
couldn't even check if I signed
properly or not. Have you checked
it? Hehehehe! I can imagine the
shock on your face right
now......Osonye, we are even after
all. But one thing I am promising
you now is this, my son Ekene will
be fine. He doesn't need your help
to get healed. And for your
information, I don't want to find
you in that house when I return, or
else it will be your death.
"Kanayo! How dare you deceive me
like this?.... Kanayo, I promise you,
you will regret this and I won't rest
until I take everything away from
"Osonye, if you know what's good
for you, better not step your foot
into that house again." Kanayo said
and ended the call, and looked at
the bottle Osonye gave him:
"Aaarrrrhhhhh!! Osonye, I wish you
are very close to me right now, I
would have strangled you to death.
For a moment, she made me
believe my son will be OK" he raged
and then continued with where he
was going.
On reaching the ward, the nurse
brought Ekene to the room with
ventilator machine.
"Kanayo, I am sorry, it was all my
fault...." Austin tried to explain
"Chill man" Kanayo cut in and
continued: "you did not do anything
wrong. I don't know why I'm
chickening like this, Ekene has
always been a strong boy, I should
have faith in him. Don't worry, he
will snap out of it and return to us.
He is still a child and God will not
allow anything to happen to him."
"Wow! I am happy to hear this from
you Kanayo, I have the strong
conviction that he will be alright
soon. I trust him" Austin said
As they were still discussing,
Nneoma went close to where Ekene
was lying, and started crying,
begging him to get well.
Like the Wise Queen said,JUST A
TEAR OF LOVED ONE from a true
love was the only antidote Ekene
will need for his healing.
The moment a tear from Nneoma's
eye touched Ekene's hand, he
woke up and became normal again.
Nneoma's tear healed him and
destroyed the charm Osonye
rubbed on his head.
To be continued..