evening garments of the formal style

Hello everyone, it's good to be back. I am sorry I kind of disappeared on everyone but it has been a very difficult year for me.
It started out with the death of my mother in January, I don't know if I really dealt with it right away. Don't get me wrong Mom needed to go to heaven, she was in her last stage of Alzheimer's but it was so hard not to be near her at the end. The spring was good with my confirmation at Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church but after that I just kind of ... started having a difficult time. I went into the summer and then in July I got a severe case of pneumonia and got put in the hospital. It was a very scary time, I even was taken from the minor emergency to the hospital in an ambulance, I had never been in an ambulance before. It took till the middle of August to recover but I started to get out again walking with Lexie when disaster hit again for me. Lexie was diagnosed with advanced non operable liver cancer. The only good note to this is that she didn't have a lot of symptoms at first so it gave us a month to say goodbye, which some days was beautiful & others where agony. I had to put Lexie to sleep a week ago due to ascites in her abdomen. I was with her every second and she went to sleep in my arms peacefully but it felt as though a part of me was ripped out. evening garments of the formal style
Well I have decided to go on and I am adopting a sweet dog named Dolly. She is from a breeder in Pennsylvania, I will put pictures up soon. I had to get another dog because my life is just not complete without one. The other reason I wasn't in FB was that when I got my last phone it started a new fb page. I was locked out of my old one and I had to get a friend to get me back in. It took a long time to have the energy to do this but I am back and I need to start being with you all again. Talk to you all soon!

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