cruise cocktail gowns


12 years ago today, my fiance and I decided to forgo a fancy wedding and elope instead. It was the best decision we ever made. We had been engaged for several months, but that morning was the first time we had ever discussed any wedding details. The conversation took several turns before we spontaneously decided to get married that very day! cruise cocktail gowns

We quickly threw on some somewhat appropriate clothing.
I wore a black blazer and two-tone wing-tip Doc Martens. My wife wore a cherry printed cocktail dress. We drove to the court house in Reno, Nevada in near record time.

After filling out the necessary paperwork, they instructed us to go to one of the many wedding chapels in town. As we were leaving the court house lobby, we found a Chapel pamphlet that contained a coupon*.

The chapel we chose was hilarious. They had cheap fake electric candles and crazy swirling carpet. The 'minister' had huge side-burns and wore a gigantic pinky ring composed of hundreds of microscopic diamond chips. It was mesmerizing. The lobby of the chapel sold various tacky items, including bride and groom trucker hats.

After the 'ceremony' we were pleasantly surprised to discover that it was snowing outside. We stopped and kissed in the parking lot as snow lightly fell all around us. A crazy homeless man wearing a plastic Safeway bag as a hat screamed congratulations to us. It was a fantastically tacky day that we will never forget. <3

*Yes. We got married on a coupon.