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Lordy.... when will it stop? Seriously.
We are all human, we all bleed red. Most so called 'WHITE' people alive now did not live in this country when Africans were slaves. Few if any of their ancestors OWNED slaves. They are NOT all pure WHITE (whatever that is), most of us are of many mixed races and are as appalled as everyone else in how North American Indians, Africans, Jews, indentured WHITE slaves, and every other truly oppressed people for their race, gender, sexual o budget-saving wedding collection in vintage style ... rientation, religious beliefs and any other difference some ignorant few had and still have against others were treated.
What about the 'white people' who helped the underground railroad, bought/freed slaves, and/or fought in the civil war to end slavery and oppression for all.
What about the Germans who hid jews, and helped as many as they could escape the Nazis.
What about the 'straight' people who fought and fight still for same sex marriages and rights?
What about the Muslims who risk their lives to infiltrate and inform on Jahadist terrorists?
What about the men who stood up for women's rights and equality?
What about anyone in the history of our world and today stand up against oppression of any kind, of anyone?
Do we just ignore that there is ALWAYS someone willing to stand up and make a difference?
Why are THESE people and their good works not more spoken of and/or publicized?
If you want to get offended by everything, everyone, and hold a whole group of people responsible for the actions of a few, that makes YOU as much of a bigot as the 'group as a whole' you are bitching about.
Now if you have someone who is a loud and proud bigot like the KKK, the Jahad extremest, and other groups that spew hate and violence, thinking their beliefs and/or color is THE only one that matters, and everyone else should die... then, you have a legitimate gripe and cause for complaint. Otherwise, I do not see why on earth we cant all get along, live and let live, embrace our differences and learn from each other PEACEFULLY.
Everyone should have a right to their opinion, yes. But that right does not go beyond expressing verbally what your opinion is. It does NOT give anyone the right or excuse for harassment, violence, bullying, and/or trying to ram your opinion down others throats by any means.
If I offend anyone, sorry... No one can please everyone... its just not possible. You just can not and should not ever clump everyone that is different from you, racially, ethically, socially, sexually, etc. into one big group. Doing so makes YOU the hypocrite and bigot.
We should all be judged and accountable for our DEEDS not our differences only.
(climbs off my soap box and meanders off.)

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