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It's not easy to talk about sex publicly, but there sure is something liberating about it!

I'm proud to call Betty Dodson a friend. In 2014 I was in her body sex group that was the first one she'd had in 20 years. We had been spending time together before the body sex groups started back up because... well, I asked.

One of the first things I did when I moved to NYC was contact Betty to thank her. I've never read instructions much less followed them for anything in my life. ... But at 24 years old, I had never had an orgasm and I started wondering if I was broken, if my body was capable of having an orgasm, if I would be chaste, or asexual or what was going on with my sexuality.

I found Betty's "First Orgasm Instructions" online and with zero expectation of it working, I follow them to T. It took about an hour, maybe a little longer, and they worked!

My whole life changed. In just about a month I left an abusive relationship, I was having (hehe) daily fun, and I had plans to move to the big city.

Once in NYC I shared the impact her instructions had on my life with her and she, being the "Godmother of Masturbation" was exceedingly proud of me. That was the beginning of the friendship we have, that I treasure to this day.

When I found out she and Carlin Ross were offering a body sex group, I knew I was in.

It was the first time I experienced sisterhood and it was a beautiful, kind, nurturing, and surprising weekend.

The only part I would change in the article below is the word "critique". There was no critique of each other, of the 10 naked women who were present.

There was support, information, technique, appreciation, so much... but no critique.

If you are a woman who has not yet had an orgasm or are unsure if you've had one or not, I promise you are not broken. The clitoris and sexualness in generally can be an elusive pursuit (at least it was for me), but Betty and Carlin have collected so much information, wisdom, and techniques that add an element of ease to an area that is usually laden with so much confusion and mis-information. bat mitzvah dresses

For me discovering the sexualness of my body was the beginning of finding me, of freedom from abuse, it was a doorway to the enjoyment of life I never thought I would have.

We are all different, all unique, all special and there is no one size fits all here.

For me, it began with a demand of myself to go outside of my comfort zone and pursue something that was just for me.

That journey now continues and I will forever be grateful for the huge part that Betty and Carlin had in that process, their willingness to educate, to speak out about sexual pleasure, their dedication to the female orgasm and being sexually free.

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