baby breast feeding wear for bridesmaid

I'm finding for my half. Can you please come? I waited you for so long. I wanna be your friend, your crying shoulder. Yes I know it's sounds cheesy but I don't care. I can sacrifice anything just to make you happy. I will do everything you want. I will be your clown. And also I'll be your half in your life. I don't wanna promise that I couldn't hurt you but trust I will avoid things that makes you feel awkward. I will be a better boyfriend to you. I will be loyal to you. I ju ... st wanna love you for the rest days of my lives. I wanna make everyone believes in a thing called forever. I will not leave you hanging on the air. I will be a good and a gentleman guy on you. I know some sort of things in me maybe you'd dislike. But I will try to change it for you. I will make you happy every hour and with every single day of your life. I wanna love you with all my heart. I don't wanna lose you ever again. Cause All I need this time is you. Only you. So please come my baby I really really wanna be with you. I will make you believe that some things are not impossible. Just believe it. baby breast feeding wear for bridesmaid

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