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Part 4.
Dear Africa, lend me your sense of hearing. What has bewitch you, who cast these generational curse on you, who has marry you to that evil spirit of backwardness? Is it your founding fathers or the ancestors of the land - that place forbidden elements in the palate of your idols to wrestle with? Ooh Africa, why are you still taking joy in siesta, while your contingents are reaping the fruit of sleepless night and day. Nations of black race, the white men have vacated your land for you to enjoy the dividends of democracy, but you're still crawling like a toddler and blaming your old colonial masters for self induced tragedy. My Africa, I wish you could place on hold, your everyday slumber, and provide succour for your people. Stand up on your feet and see what your children are doing to themselves in Libya - modern day slavery. Illegal encapsulation. Your African people, sees no reason in encouraging the world of technicalities, channel their energy into sublimate activities has for long dead - they're now looking for fast money, even if patricide or genocide will be committed. They are getting ranks in arms, drugs and now humans trafficking - black people risks their souls to cross Mediterranean sea where tens of thousands sank at the heart of the sea. The few that survived, become an hapless hermit, the rest goes into prostitution and other illegal works that have a death penalty repercussion. What a woe! The government of black people, have also immersed their citizen in the slammer of democracy; corruption is their language; greediness is their motto; while selfish agenda is the anthem of black leader. Something is wrong with black people. Ooh Africa, hope you can hear my cry encapsuled in this epistle, and see that of my tears wetting the paper? If so is the case, come and subjugate the sorrow of your people. affordable bridesmaid wears for wedding party
Something is wrong with black race.