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Apart from the fact that today is her BIRTHDAY, Today is also exactly one year of our introduction. However before getting married. I had this fear of making mistake in marriage (like every other man will) but little did i know that God has a GOLD, PEARL, A LOVING, CARING, ADMIRING, WISE WOMAN WITH HONOUR, PRESTIGE, DIGNITY & INTEGRITY He has made, designed, labelled, packaged or sealed and delivered to me. I ask God for a wife and he gave me an ANGEL instead. She has been a adorable teen wedding wears flower girl dress ... blessing to my life and I cannot ask for more. Its barely one year we've been together and it has all been great & fun to be around & with her. Her counsel & ideas has been of great help to me in many ways - both in life & ministry.

She is my Wife
My Girlfriend,
My Confidant
My Prayer Partner
My Heartbeat
My Everything etc

Words fail me to explain who & what she is to me but all I could ask you my beloved friends & family, is to drop a word, prayer & prophesy. We covert all your prayers, wishes and prophecies. May God bless you and our union.

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie and
Happy Introduction Anniversary (if there's anything like that) hahahaha

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