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I rarely do this BUT tonight I want to shout out a most amazing group. Yes, I am bias!!
I so love the ladies in Sisters Only Club...y'all don't even understand. They are real sisters...leaders, movers and shakers...what they don't know, we teach them.. SOC is about growing and developing...so what our sisters are afraid of ...we push them, until they are no longer afraid. When they need love and support...we got them!! But as the president (trust me it's just a title because I got bosses lol) when the students become the teachers...it's a most beautiful thing! SOC is about real sisterhood. UcenterDress prom party outfits online store

This year the SOC members have become the teachers! I am so beyond proud of you ladies.
We have recognized Sheros, given out scholarships, provided toys for the less fortunate, partnered with YMCA to mentor 12 girls, saluteded mothers at the Mother Daughter tea, provided prom dressed to over 200 girls, given Valentine's to 1000 Vets and active duty military persons, created a Leadership Academy, supported Westobou, Augusta Partnership, Paine College and the Sports Council just to name a few and that was just the first part of the year.

Time to enjoy each other's company on our Shopping Trip.

SOC..I am so proud of everything you have done this year. When my show changed and I had to be on air during key meetings and picked up a station in Columbia you didn't miss a beat..you took the balll, delivered TD's and now we can spike it together.

I'm ready to celebrate you ladies!! I love you from the bottom and top of my heart!!
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