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No advice about flipping baby! Medical stories only you will be removed otherwise!

I just found out today that my baby is breech. I'm 36 weeks 2 days pregnant. They scheduled a c section just incase. Everything else is fine. But I had complications with an epidural from my first pregnancy. Ended up having a seizure and eclampsia after having her. No one knows if it was epidural related or not. (I got stuck 6 or more times and was told I have a curved spine because she couldn't get it in. I ended up having a natural birth.) I am terrified of getting a c section but my doctor doesn't want to put me to sleep. So I have two questions. 1.) How many women has this happened to and their baby flipped and everything was fine? 2.) Has anyone been put to sleep for a c section? UcenterDress knee length styled items to wear