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Dis girl, Omayoza, is one heaven of a pretty girl I have come across all my life. I decided to try if she could be mine, miraculously sha o. I did my research and found dat she hardly comes out and worse is dat her house is a danger zone -a no-go area. Her parents would not stop at anything to protect their young and beautiful daughter. I didn't know what to do but she has a little brother, Adeiza, a boy of about seven years of age, in primary three. He's usually outside play ... ing with his mates. I figured out I could use him. I went to him while playing with friends, then offered him biscuit but he rejected it, telling me his parents have warned him against taking things from strangers. I told him am his sister's friend not a stranger. He asked how come he never knew me and still maintained he won't collect. He was even about shouting I should leave him alone. I told him am going to marry his sister, then he became interested. He said he would be going to call her for me on d condition dat henceforth I shall be doing his homework for him. I asked why not his sister or anyone in his house doing his homework for him and he said he doesn't score all when they handle it, he wants someone who will do it so dat he scores everything. I said no wahala. I now asked him if he could call his sister for me now but he said no, dat if he must trust me, he has a homework now, I should handle it for him first, then I should come back d following day so dat he will call her for me. Of course I had no choice but to dance to his music. He brought d homework, Quantitative reasoning, and I I solved d problems for him with d both of us reaching an agreement dat he will call her for me d next day. D next day, I went calling him but he looked at me angrily and continued his play. I called again, he didn't answer me. I provoke ...walked up to him and yelled, are you not d One am calling? he said I should stop disturbing him. I now had no choice but threaten him with Wat I thought was his weakness. I said, Adeiza, if u don't get up now and call her for me, don't u ever bring ur homework to me. he said, thank you, Uncle, I won't bring it again. I asked, have u found another person doing ur homework for u? He said no but there's also no point bringing it to me. I asked why are u talking like dis? He said, Uncle, d One u did for me, I got 3/20. I told him to bring it let me be sure d little wizard is not tricking me but with d speed he has gone to bring d assignment so enh....I have run away UcenterDress first communion flower girl collections

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