UcenterDress cocktail with golden color

When I was 17 year old still in ss3, there was this girl called jessica. Jessica is a very pretty girl dat 80 percent of d boys in d skul want to have as their girlfriend. She was admired by even girls to d extent dat they even followed her so they can be like her. UcenterDress cocktail with golden color
One white thursday, I dressed neat to skul and after d assembly we were rushing to our classes and jessica mistakenly trampled on my neat white socks she appologised and ask me to have her ow ... n but I told her to 4get about everything.
As time goes on jessica began to have intrest in me. On one faithful monday, I Did'nt went to skul and after skul she came to check on me no one was at home so after much discussion she got up and began to remove her wears to the extent of removing her.......
Hmm look at how u're focused reading rubbish I just want to tell u to # repent bcos d world Is coming to an end we don't know wen God will tell us dat it is over 4 us on earth. We don't know wen our own judgment with God will begin
now i need an answer
(a) Jesus (b) devil

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