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Guys wil always be guys
Firstly, he treats you amazingly . You feel like a
Queen . Everytime his name comes up on your phone
you can't help but smile . Everytime you see him, you
can't help but fall a little harder. He's like a dream dat come
true . He's such a Darling and he would crawl to the ends of
the earth just for you. Then somewhere along the line
everything changes. He starts to be a little more selfish, cause Ucenter Dress plus figure long bridesmaid gowns
you love him. He gets more distance. And everytime his name
comes up on your phone.. you ask yourself what you did wrong
this time. You just can't seem to stop the arguments. If he
talks to another girl you feel like throwing up. You feel
completely irritated. He thinks its because you're just so
jealous. But you know its because he's your world and you're
so scared to lose him and with the way he's been acting
recently, it wouldn't be hard for him to replace you. You start
to cry more often and wonder if you'd be happy alone .
And you go back, remembering the time he promised he
wasn't like this. But remember girl, every relationship starts
with "I would never hurt you, I'm not like them." but end up
been like them My dear sister be calm what belongs to you
wouldn't suit any oda geh Be happy n smile alot
Love you