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# ThirstyForGodsLoveThursday

If you find practicing Christianity, Staying on the righteous path, Fighting temptations draining you then you are simply practicing religion By only going through the motions rather than submitting and committing yourself to God. Walking in faith and allowing Jesus to take ahold of your life means enjoying your relationship with God. Jesus says that our relationship with him will bring rest to your soul. Your walk with the Lord will not make you weary but in fact will rejuvenate you, restore your strength and energize your life. I work countless hours during a never-ending work week, And yet no matter how well I perform I still always seem to get into a slump Full of stress and tiredness midweek. This type of fatigue can usually be remedied by good rest. However there is a deeper fatigue that goes beyond physical tiredness. There is an emotional exhaustion that comes from experiencing heavy burdens. There is a tiredness within your soul that comes from carrying the weight of the need from others. You can go on vacation but that will not rejuvenate your soul. This can only be cured by finding rest within Christ. Are you weary? Go to Jesus and he will give you his rest. His rest will restore your soul as nothing else can.

I write these messages not to teach you what I know but to TESTIFY MY CURRENT TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS. I am just as unqualified as you if not more so, but through the love of God he qualifies me. Yesterday I couldn't have felt any more stressed. Again I chose to work out my frustrations at the gym rather than working then out through prayer. after a grueling work out I went home Laid in bed and turned on the TV as usual, however I found myself unable to pay attention to what was on so i turned it off and tried to sleep. For hours I laid there and couldn't sleep, my body was tired yet my mind still raced. I felt a strong urge to get into the word so I turned a few lights on and Grabed my Bible from the bedside. As I read through scriptures I began to feel at peace. As an ego-driven man working in a stressful environment working long days and long nights to Simply provide for myself while coming back to an empty home. I find myself confused. This is not how I saw my life drawn out. However I know that God has plans for me and it's not about what I want it's about where he needs me. So daily I am taught lessons. These lessons have helped me control myself when angry stressed even lonely. Altho i still unfortunately distance myself from others that get close due to my own flaws. What is unseen to those that don't see me beyond my uplifting posts like when i hit lows i DON'T always act in a christ like manner....i am weak from time to time... lately it doesn't matter how much I've been bench pressing I find my true strength through God. This message is for myself just as much as it's for you. I know a lot of close friends who are currently going through storms to the point where their soul is tired and I want you all to know my thoughts and prayers go out to you to continue to fight the good fight and remain strong in faith DONT LET SATAN'S LIES FOOL YOU, He is the king of manipulation and will make you think and feel that what he can provide is what you need, want, and deserve....STAY TRUE TO GOD'S WORD, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH OTHER GOD FEARING BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Ucenter Dress long sleeved prom party items # IronSharpensIron GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE,YOUR STORY HAS BEEN WRITTEN...COME TO HIM AS YOU ARE, A BROKEN VESSEL AND LET HOS LOVE SHINE THROUGH THE CRACKS IN OUR ARMOR... NO MATTER WHAT STORMS YOU ARE CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH NEVER FORGET... # TheBestisYetToCome
# YouAreBlessed
# YouAreLoved
# AintNoRestForTheWicked