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In a quest to satisfy my Potter's bid,I was launched to this part of the world earth. Night and days passed,I endured the pain of being in an enclosed womb until an escape via delivery was imminent.

I became acceptable and pleasing right from cradle,crawler,toddler and to the man I've grown to become. Days have passed by but every 21st day of September has remained unchanged with increasing expectations.


Even if He came to give life and destroy the works of hell,I have seen God lived practically a committed life here on earth,the same world He framed with his words. My dominion as mandated, begins with knowledge acquisition(for preservation) and continuous training exercise(for implementation/execution that when I'm old I shan't depart from it). Ucenter Dress long sleeve wears in white

Most of my adulthood has been defined by responsibility because adulthood is responsibility hoping to make the world a better place via increased productivity. Even if I was not given the responsibility to determine my background,race and earthly location,its time however to simulate my growth with empirical evidence unhidden.

For me,its not about the celebration anymore but the 'genuinety' and the 'credibility' of existence lest I become a reproach. This part of the world where I live requires impact mehn! After impact,I have no other alternatives for which I live. I must work the work of Him that sent me because night cometh when I do nothing.
In recent times,I have seen myself drunk under some influence yet I am what I am today by the grace of God.

I've seen myself function as a medalist with team MEDALS(an existing NGO saddled with the responsibility of nurturing teens),
I've seen myself indulge in nation building through ANRP,thumbs up anrp.org.ng,
I've seen myself function as a parishioner, thumbs up LFC Uso,
Every 5'o clock by weekends has been a great fellowship time,thumbs up liberty H.C,
In my agitation for a renewed mama Africa, AYLE Network has been key,thumbs up,
In my quest for a renewed mind via unlearning and relearning procedures,YALI readers and Enlightened readers has been key,thumbs up guys,
One of the latest to happen is the TeachThemHub where teens are enabled to received value changing scientific knowledge in series.

As the journey for a new year begins, I have no doubt of what it carries for delivery. Show some love by showering me with your blessings which maketh rich adding no sorrow.


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