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Please Help!
Most people that know me, know I'm a private person. I don't like to let people inside, to get to close, knowledge is power and I have to much control issues to let down that wall. If there is anyone more private it would be my wife, Cindy, who is the most beautiful person I know, who has always had a
Spirit unmatched.
I believe in the power of prayer, because I believe with every breath I take that Jesus is my Savior, and God listens to everyone and loves eac ... h and everyone of us as his children. That being said, I am asking everyone that I can shout to for fervent prayer. Not for me.

Please pray for healing, that God's healing power and glory is seen. May God guide the hearts and minds of those that he has entrusted with the tools to do his bodily work here on earth as his hands and feet.
I pray that not only a body is healed, but more importantly a spirit. That God is felt in their Heart, to feel that warm glow and know they do not walk alone. That through these rough times that God is always there, and will lift the burdens from our shoulders if we just ask, and allow him to. Please pray that the right decisions are made today. Pray that God's extreme power is seen. Ucenter Dress long maxi wears which look beautiful
May Jesus be with us and may he walk beside us, and carry us when we need it. I believe God listens, may he hear the prayers today as I bow on my knee to his Glory.

Please share and ask others to pray.

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