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I have never complained on here that I can remember. However there is something bothering me. I have always supported Cave City school and their faulty. But now I'm disappointed.
Here it goes. When our children are asking the teacher for help and they pretty much tell the whole class that they are all dumb, there is something wrong with that teacher. The kids ask for an reason and the teacher should be able to help, not criticize the child for asking. If a child ask to use ... the restroom cause they are about to wet on themselves or need to change a tampon before it leaks through and the get told no, that is wrong in the teacher. Does he not understand that the child can do a better job in the class if their not afraid of urinating or bleeding on themselves. Plus you don't tell the class the child has a bad parent if they back the kid on these situations. Ucenter Dress fitted bodycon wedding wears With Lace Appliques
Well I guess I'm going to get to be a bad parent tomorrow. Cause my child is not going to come home in tears cause she had to pee so bad that she was hurting. And yes she did finally get up and went to the restroom cause she couldn't handle the pain any long of holding her pee.
I apologize if I have offended anyone, but this needs to be dealt with. Teachers are supposed to be a help to the students, not a stumbling block.

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