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Need help po please!

I have a 6yr old dog, katatapos lang niya magheat. She has vaginal discharge na parang malapot na wiwi pero pinking. Parang wee kasi madami at hindi yung regular discharge nila. Medyo matigas din tummy niya and it prolly hurts kasi pinapatigas niya when i run my hand on it. The night before taking her to the vet, she vomitted a thick brown smelly liquid. Ucenter Dress cute and adorable collections for a wedding

I explained all of this to the vet, they said it's possible pyometra. But they can't confirm kasi walang may ultrasound equipment dito sa Ilocos. The nearest is in 2 hrs away pero they're closed daw on Sundays. So, we can only get a second opinion tomorrow.

She's not eating, nor drinking. I do think it's something else. I've been giving her antibiotics, dextrose water, vit C and iron(every other day).

Any advice po? Hinang-hina na siya. She flinches even on the slightest touch. Sabi pagnaconfirm ba pyometra, isusurgery daw. Kaso sa sobrang hina niya baka hindi niya masurvive yun.. Help naman po. First aid, something to keep her comfortable and to help her get through till tomorrow.