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AH the truth!? about organised religions, those recognised as the false religions, addapted by the predilictions of man, to instill sharia in moderate doses lol (ffs) i.e chucking the token onion into the soup pot!?? good or evil is an INDIVIDUAL choice made by the INDIVIDUALS own conscience, not subjugated by a divisive system, approach, to ensures war after war, to instill the fear of dying, not a bad psycology, but bunkum in real terms lol, unless the devisive system is se ... nding out the message,of their way or war way? lol every differing belief is preached BY MAN every differing belief choice is PREACHED BY MAN,so and so on, first off is the pervisty of man, to instill fear to control, up pops a branch in another town, called poli tics, to control, ( mankinds?? lower orders wrote tis chapter) inist that bartering is controlled by money not salt (salt is available in abundance) and what has transpired is the most horrific antichristian avarice, that decent moral and ethical, overcame, every 30 yrs, for the Christ in mankind, and so it goes, the belief systems, that use diferent shampoos. are bound together, by avarice, they are the second richest business on planet earth, they have enjoyed centuries of hiding paedeophiles, murderers, the sadistic of the female, as nuns, now on the run, blah de blah, and statisticaly, there are more starving, more homeless, more sick and more suffering than ever, now, the business of man preaching to be god, needs a complete overhaul, it is clearly not fit for bloomin purpose, vwalla, freedom from the subjugators , and the ?'organised' why not? xx Ucenter Dress cocktail for party with navy blue color

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Bible passage used to stop women become ordained 'added later', academic claims A key Biblical passage which has been used to prevent women from being ordained is not original and was added later, an academic has claimed.telegraph.co.uk