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'Great faith does not stop injury but it hastens the recovery'. Wht does this mean:
Yes, in this life we are living we shall definetly pass through bumps and all sort of things tht will leave us emotionally unfit, bruised out, badly wounded but as long you got faith with you the road to recovery becomes much faster. However, bad wounded, how low you have fallen you can stand in Jesus and your comeback is always strong and powerful when you just believe.

The Word tells us thr ... ough His grace after the training is complete He makes us firm and strong (1 Peter 5:10).
Jesus too was a strong believer of this when he prayed for Peter's faith to be strong in Luke 22:32 -33. He knew tht something bad was on it's why but it won't be the end of Peter's life and we see his comback was quick and accompanied with power, courage and strength for the gospel and 2000 yrs down the line we reap the fruits.
A writer, Charles Wesley wrote: Faith, mighty faith, the promise see, and looks to God alone, laughs at impossibilities and crys it shall be well.
And I stand to tell you this mrng, to learn great faith is to endure great trials. I have learnt and tested my faith in standing firm amid severe testing and I can testify tht although my outward look will wear away and be left with bruises, my dear friend ,my inner one is renewed day by day, and the light and momentary troubles are always achieving me an eternal glory tht far outweighs them all. Ucenter Dress beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Remember tht to please God you have to have faith, for we have to believe tht He exists and tht he rewards those who earnestly seek him and tht He restores the bruised one. Build on your faith.
Be blessed.

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