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Nature Beauty Papaya Milk Whitening Peeling Cream 100g
It contains the papaya extract, fresh milk, vitamin C, vitamin E, lemon fiber, hydrolyzed plant protein,weakly acid alga gum; it can remove the dead cuticle in just 1 minute, and make your skin tender and white. BENEFITS:
-Effectively clean the skin and remove cuticle, reduce skin blemishes, leaving skin flawless and vibrant. ...
-Soften and gets rid of the corneal layer on the skin.
-Prevents the rough skin caused by dead corneal layer.
-Cleanses the dirt and blackheads in the deep layer of skin.
-Easily absorba the whitening elements in this product.
-It can clear the freckles, blemishes, acne and control the melanin production.
-Contains no pigment and has no irritation. Great for sensitive skin.
-Mild qualities, unhurt the skin.
-Gets rid of the dead cell of the skin, restore a whitened, delicate and fresh skin look. Usage: Apply appropriate amount of the product to the skin ( without adding water ), gently massage with circular motion to get rid of dead cuticle,clean it with clear water, ad better use some skin lotion. (It is suitable use to remove the cuticle on the face, hands, body, elbow and knees. Leaves your skin delicate and whiten). Mother of Bride Dresses 2020

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