Long Homecoming Dresses 2020

today which is only 1/2 over has been a motown and memories kind of day in Mr Roger's World. (i love my 60" smart TV !!! it feeds off of my Wifi signal and with a click of my finger on the computer i can listen to music and watch the videos for hours as i scroll through my news feed.}
on wednesday i have to take a test for that silly Dr. as much as i try to avoid Dr's this visit has the possibility of elevating an issue i have faced for 3+ years so i guess i'll go.
the goo ... d part is that after the Dr i'm going to an appointment at the Tattoo parlor. no Tat this time but that's where the piercer is. i have 6 holes in my head. 4 already are filled with diamond studs, but 2 are empty holes because every time i have an MRI i have to remove everything metal and i cant get the hoops back in myself. i'm sure i will face more MRI's so i ordered 2 horse shoe hoops that i will be able to remove and reinstall myself. well that accounts for the 6 existing holes but there is the matter of 1 existing healed hole.
i once had a pierced lower lip but due too a story too long to go into now i had to remove my labret piercing and allow it to heal.
people that don't understand Tattoos or Piercings are probably shaking their head and wondering. some people get Tats and piercings for others to look at and tell them how cool they are. then there are people that a Tattoo or piercing is very personal and when it is time you can feel it in your soul and you don't care what others think. it is done for yourself because you feel it in your soul. i have tattoos that have never been seen by anyone except by medical staff in surgery. even though they have to make cuts in surgery they always tell me how proud they are to have avoided my Tattoos. i feel as though once i get my earrings and pierce my lip i will be whole again. believe me i won't miss that appointment. Long Homecoming Dresses 2020
it is a day of Motown and anticipation in Mr Roger's World today.
Thank You Father For Silly Dr's and Anticipation.

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