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Simple grammar that we normally failed.........
INCORRECT: my shirt is rough.
CORRECT: my shirt is rumpled. 'rough' cannot collocate with shirt, because no shirt can be smooth in a relation to its texture.

INCORRECT: He owns a barbing salon. ...
CORRECT: He owns a barber's shop. The word 'barbing' is non existent in the English language.

INCORRECT: my landlord gave me a quit notice.
CORRECT: my landlord gave me a notice to quit. ' quit notice' is non existent in English language. it is notice to quit, I.e to stop occupying a room.

INCORRECT: The musician, Wizkid is a popular artist.
CORRECT : The musician, Wizkid is a popular Artiste. ' An Artist is a person who paints or draw pictures. an Artiste is a professional entertainer eg a singer, dancers or an actor.

INCORRECT : Tell the Gateman to open the gate.
CORRECT : Tell the Gatekeeper to open the gate., Gateman is non existent in standard English. The correct expression I.e, the name of a person, who is in charge of the opening and closing of a gate is a gatekeeper. Knee Length Prom Dresses 2020

INCORRECT: I have Apollo.
CORRECT: I am suffering from Conjunctivitis. A painful disease of the eyes with redness and swelling, is called 'Conjunctivitis' not Apollo.

INCORRECT: He disvirgined the girl last year.
CORRECT: He deflowered the girl last year. The word disvirgined does not exist in the English language.

INCORRECT: My teacher has k-leg
CORRECT: my teacher is knock-kneed, We cannot describe human leg as "k".

INCORRECT: I cracked my brain, but I could not remember his name
CORRECT : I racked my brain but I could not remember his name. To rack, one brain means, to think hard or a long time about something crack means to break something .

INCORRECT : He can't feed himself, talkless of getting married.
CORRECT: He can't feed himself, let alone getting married. Talkless is meaningless in this context, as it means to say little.

INCORRECT: Please repeat yourself. please come again sir.
CORRECT: I beg your pardon. Please take that again. Human being ' cannot be repeated. Likewise, it is a logical contradiction to say ' come again ' when the person being addressed is still around.

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