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What?!? You don't see bright yellow in your urine? Take a B-break!

Shaklee Medical Affairs answer to why you want bright yellow urine:

The yellow color that appears in urine following the consumption of the Shaklee multivitamins or the B-Complex results from a metabolite of riboflavin (vitamin B2). This is a sign that the B vitamin has been absorbed and assimilated. High Low Prom Dresses 2020


If your urine is not bright yellow, it may be you're running low on your Bs, which are water-soluble and need to be replenished throughout the day, just like vitamin C... especially on stressful days.

Did you know?... A sustained release vitamin B+C combo is included in Shaklee's convenient daily multi-strips Vitalizer and Life-Strip (includes anti-aging Vivix).

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