Dresses for Mother of the Groom 2020

Here's presenting the long awaited review for Kanchan Veg near Uruli Kanchan.
Being the patrons of this place still took me long time to write about is that we devour the food even before the thought of clicking a pic runs across the mind.
Consistent Quality, Fresh ingredients, beautiful ambiance are the key traits of this place.
Whatever the time, we never miss their masala chaha- made with whole milk and aromatic spices, this tea is out of the world.
Pineapple Tomato Cream ... soup- served in a pineapple bowl, this tangy smooth soup lingers on your tongue preping you up for delicacies to come.
Jacket potatoes are the best I have ever had. Topped with cheese and grilled to perfection.
Thread paneer fries are crisp on the outside with tangy spicy sauce and has tender paneer within.
For the main course, we kept it simple by ordering chef's recommended SPL.Veg
It had all the good things, from mushrooms to corn, a Cashew nut based curry, yet spicy enough- served with our all-time favourite Garlic nan (loathed with amul butter) Dresses for Mother of the Groom 2020
We both have a sweet tooth and cannot get enough of it.
Not to miss the famous mango and gulkand ice-cream which is freshly prepared here and keshar rabdi cleanses your pallet and reaches out to your soul.
@ KKanchan Pure Veg

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