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I remember when the Carter/Mondale campaigning was going on, and this station wagon. I was along for some of the campaigning, with some of the Mondale children. The girls slept in the back of the station wagon, boys in the Tent. Milton Jensen had a Station Wagon like this one too while he lived in the Lake Minnetonka area, a little different color. That would be the earliest time I remember him taking us to Masonic Temple Meetings, in Spring Park, Mound Minnesota. The last meeting for Milton with the Masonics would be Miltons Funeral in September of 1994, at the Hayward Lutheran Church in Hayward Minnesota, his Home Church by his Home Family Farm. There were many Masonics with hats attending to honor him, and Vetrans who did a 21 gun salute for him. The church was very full, he was very loved.
I recall many of the persons I was placed with as a Foster Child, were Masonics also. It may have been that they had a hand in finding placements for me to live, since I recall many of my Foster siblings like Prince Rogers Nelson also being helped by the Masonics, as well as the time he and I spent time in the Shriners Hospital(s), where we were best friends. I remember John Nelson having a Masonic hat also, which is why I figure Prince was a Foster child being helped by them also. And perhaps how I came to Stay with the Nelson's for a while as Prince and I attended Art School.
But it was at a Masonic Meeting that I recall being with Jimmey Carter, and Rosalynn Carter. I recall a child that I was very connected to. Could that have been Amy? I would hide under the table with her, a place that we felt safe. I recall her as being called my sister. I recall having seen the Carters at a resturant earlier to that while I was with a different lady at a different table, and we watched them as we ate....could that have been a babysitter?
And then I remembered the Tractor. When I was still small, really small. A big Red Tractor, and being really excited that my father was comming in from the feilds, working late long after dinner was cleaned up............. But Milton never had Red Tractors. Milton never had big new Machinery. Milton never did field Farming after he got his degree in Machining, he rented his land and worked for Llowell Thorud after I was about the age of Five. Milton drove Green John Deer Tractors. A 420 and a 720, nowhere near as big and fancy as that big red combine. That was Jimmey Carter's.
The Big Red New Combine was from the big house in Georgia, and it was Jimmey Carter who came in for supper late. My name was AnnMarie Carter there. I had a sister, Amy. Georgia was where I started out in Pagents for the Little Girls, and Modeling Dresses at Tea Parties where I would serve Cookies for the Ladies that admired our Dresses and then Ordered the ones they liked for their own children. I used to live with Jimmey and Rosalynn Carter. And I loved my little sister. So much that I think I recall, and felt her struggles, myself personally as if they were my own.
I do not recall Amy Carter joining me while I lived with the Mondale's, The Paul Newman Family, The Robert Redford Family, or Milton and Mary Jane Jensen. I do not recall Amy Carter with any of the Country Singers I recall staying with, Loretta Lynn, Naomie Judd, or the Carter Family, June....Johnny Cash.... or over seas with Julie Andrews or The Mccartney's or Brian Epstien's Family, and not at the Palace while staying with Princess Margret or Elizabeth. Nor with Princess Grace and I at the Palace in Monico. So although I may have been very confused at who of all these persons were that I stayed with, who was truly related to me, and who was Fostering me or just teaching me Acting or Dance, or some I was just working with on a project, I have such distinct memories of Princess Grace Kelley of Monico, the Summer House there in the Country, The Palace, The Casino, Stephany, Caroline and Albert....and Prince Raineer.
And the Trips over to Iran with them, playing with the Children at the Palace there who's language I did not understand, but enjoyed reguardless. And the Shaw, who had a very nice wife who treated us every time we visited. Lots of times it was just me and Prince Raineer that would go with out the other children, sometimes just Princess Grace and I. But it was real often, I got to feel as if it was our second residence from Monico. And then there are the stories I have wrote on my Facebook page about Princess Grace and Prince Raineer promising my hand in Marriage to the Shaw's Son, and the Wedding they had for us when I was only nine years old, and later after the Shaw was banished from Iran and 'somehow' ended up living in Austin Minnesota only 10 miles from Milton and Mary Jane's family farm by Hayward/ Albert Lea Minnesota..... when the son's of the Shaw detained me there in 1980, at the Shaw's home (hideout fom exile, in Austin) and the Sheriff of Austin, Bruce Sorenson, the Cousin of the man I married two years later, helped to get me freed from that situation...... And I always go back to how did an Orphan Girl/ Actress/Ballet Dancer end up in a situation where Grace Kelley could promise a little girl like me to Marriage to the son of a King in Iran and have them care so much that we held up our end of that bargain. Champagne Prom Dresses 2020
It's not like the Shaw's son's didn't have their pick of really beautiful Persian Girls, much more beautiful then I, that knew their customs, fit in better. I keep going back to the repetitive trips to Iran, the insistance of the Shaw that I keep the promise of visitation every two weeks or that I would have to instead stay with them permanently and grow up together in Iran with my future Iranian Prince Husband. The Shaw wasn't flying in lunch from Paris as was reported every two weeks- it was us, the Grimaldi's from Monico. Anyway, I'm still asking, Why me....? And why did Grace Kelley have the authority over me to promise me in that way? This is how I think she was my Mother. How else could she have done that?
And then, just recently, my Son came to visit over the Thanksgiving weekend. I loaded up on some DVD's that I thought might be appealing to him, not mushy or girl-ish, action packed stuff, you know. And there was the answer.... a situation just like mine, the last straw before they changed my name to Regina permanently and kept me in Albert Lea on Milton and Mary Jane's farm until I graduated High School......The Iran Hostage Crisis......The last time Grace Kelley had brought me there to Iran and then coulden't get me out.......... AnnMarie, like when I lived with the Trumps.
The Princess that was held hostage in Iran before the Iran hostage Crisis began...and then still after, when they stormed the American Embassy in Tehran. I was being kept at the Canadian Embassy also, at the same time. Except I had already been with hostages from the Shaws Castle that were captured first, so I thought the Canadian Embassy was refuge, with nicer accomodations. Since they didn't allow me out of my room with the Adults after dinner, and I didn't understand the Language on the TV or in the papers, I didn't know I was still in danger. Well I did, but not in front of a firing squad like before. I was all of maybe, fourteen, and they were adults, about thirty or so.
It's the Argo Movie, (2012, Ben Affleck). They left me out of the Movie, but the stories I've been writing for a long time, almost two years, have told you of Princess Grace....... and my days with her..... stories of Monico... London.....Queens and Palaces...... just more pieces of the puzzle.
When I returned to America, I was given a Badge of Bravery or something at the Whitehouse along with the CIA agent Tony Mendez, but like his it was taken back to be held under seal until the files were unsealed, as were my Childhood Acting Proceeds. So I was Broke. Tony Mendez told me I would get them back someday and everyone would know how brave I was, but I never have gotten them back. So where are they now? I wonder.....